Marielle Huve

Maître de Conférences

Axe Chimie du Solide

Bâtiment : C7

Bureau : 222

Téléphone : (+33) 03 20 33 72 99

Fax : (+33) 03 20 43 68 14

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Adresse : Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Lille
Cité Scientifique, Bâtiment C7 - BP 90108
59652 Villeneuve d'Ascq Cedex

Publications :

Dans la base de données : 36
  • 2017

  • Aluminosilicate glass thin films elaborated by pulsed laser deposition.
    Carlier Thibault, Saitzek Sébastien, Méar François O., Blach Jean-François, Ferri Anthony, Huvé Marielle, Montagne Lionel.
    Applied Surface Science, vol. 397, pg. 13-18 (2017) DOI
  • Original positively charged nanoflakes by liquid exfoliation of layered oxybromide cobaltites.
    Blazquez-Alcover I., Huvé M., Mocuta C., Thiaudière D., Roussel P., Pautrat A., Mentré O., Daviero-Minaud S.
    CrystEngComm, (2017) DOI
  • Capture of actinides (Th4+, [UO2]2+) and surrogating lanthanide (Nd3+) in porous metal–organic framework MIL-100(Al) from water: selectivity and imaging of embedded nanoparticles.
    Falaise Clément, Volkringer Christophe, Giovine Raynald, Prelot Bénédicte, Huve Marielle, Loiseau Thierry.
    Dalton Trans., vol. 46, pg. 12010-12014 (2017) DOI
  • Topochemical Reduction of YMnO3 into a Composite Structure.
    Kabbour Houria, Gauthier Gilles H., Tessier Franck, Huvé Marielle, Pussacq Tanguy, Roussel Pascal, Hayward Michael A., Moreno B. Zulma L., Marinova Maya, Colmont Marie, Colis Silviu, Mentré Olivier.
    Inorganic Chemistry, vol. 56, pg. 8547-8553 (2017) DOI
  • Comprehensive Study of Oxygen Storage in YbFe2O4+x (x ≤ 0.5): Unprecedented Coexistence of FeOn Polyhedra in One Single Phase.
    Nicoud Sarah, Huvé Marielle, Hernandez Olivier, Pautrat Alain, Duttine Mathieu, Wattiaux Alain, Colin Claire, Kabbour Houria, Mentré Olivier.
    Journal of the American Chemical Society, vol. 139, pg. 17031-17043 (2017) DOI
  • 2016

  • On the Use of Dynamical Diffraction Theory To Refine Crystal Structure from Electron Diffraction Data: Application to KLa5O5(VO4)2, a Material with Promising Luminescent Properties.
    Colmont Marie, Palatinus Lukas, Huvé Marielle, Kabbour Houria, Saitzek Sébastien, Djelal Nora, Roussel Pascal.
    Inorganic Chemistry, vol. 55, pg. 2252-2260 (2016) DOI
  • A Performant Dry Reforming Catalytic System Elaborated from the Reductive Decomposition of BaNi2 V2 O8.
    Guerrero-Caballero Jesus, Löfberg Axel, Mentré Olivier, Kane Tanushree, Pussacq Tanguy, Roussel Pascal, Huvé Marielle, Trentesaux Martine, Gardoll Olivier, Kabbour Houria.
    ChemistrySelect, vol. 1, pg. 5633-5637 (2016) DOI
  • 2015

  • Pure and Mn-doped La4SrTi5O17 layered perovskite as potential solid oxide fuel cell material: Structure and anodic performance.
    Périllat-Merceroz Cédric, Roussel Pascal, Huvé Marielle, Capoen Edouard, Rosini Sébastien, Gélin Patrick, Vannier Rose-Noëlle, Gauthier Gilles H.
    Journal of Power Sources, vol. 274, pg. 806-815 (2015) DOI
  • Novel La3Fe(MoO4)6phase: magnetic properties and ethanol reactivity.
    Colmont Marie, Bucataru Georgiana, Borowiec Anita, Capron Mickaël, Dumeignil Franck, Huvé Marielle, Capet Frédéric, Damay Françoise, Mentré Olivier, Roussel Pascal.
    Dalton Trans., vol. 44, pg. 14444-14452 (2015) DOI
  • Reversible Exsolution of Nanometric Fe2O3Particles in BaFe2–x(PO4)2(0 ≤x≤ 2/3): The Logic of Vacancy Ordering in Novel Metal-Depleted Two-Dimensional Lattices.
    Alcover Ignacio Blazquez, David Rénald, Daviero-Minaud Sylvie, Filimonov Dmitry, Huvé Marielle, Roussel Pascal, Kabbour Houria, Mentré Olivier.
    Crystal Growth < Design, vol. 15, pg. 4237-4247 (2015) DOI
  • BaCoO2.22: the most oxygen-deficient certified cubic perovskite.
    Mentré Olivier, Iorgulescu Mihaela, Huvé Marielle, Kabbour Houria, Renaut Nicolas, Daviero-Minaud Sylvie, Colis Silviu, Roussel Pascal.
    Dalton Trans., vol. 44, pg. 10728-10737 (2015) DOI
  • Selective Metal Exsolution in BaFe2–yMy(PO4)2(M = Co2+, Ni2+) Solid Solutions.
    Blazquez Alcover Ignacio, Daviero-Minaud Sylvie, David Rénald, Filimonov Dmitry, Huvé Marielle, Attfield J. Paul, Kabbour Houria, Mentré Olivier.
    Inorganic Chemistry, vol. 54, pg. 8733-8743 (2015) DOI
  • Evidence of ferroelectricity in La2Zr2O7thin films with a frustrated pyrochlore-type structure.
    Roussel Pascal, Bayart Alexandre, Saitzek Sébastien, Shao Zhen-Mian, Ferri Anthony, Huvé Marielle, Desfeux Rachel.
    Acta Crystallographica Section A Foundations and Advances, vol. 71, pg. s513-s513 (2015) DOI
  • 2014

  • Labile Degree of Disorder in Bismuth-Oxophosphate Compounds: Illustration through Three New Structural Types.
    Aliev A., Endara D., Huvé M., Colmont M., Roussel P., Delevoye L., Tran T.T., Halasyamani P.S., Mentré O.
    Inorganic Chemistry, vol. 53, pg. 861-871 (2014) DOI
  • Multidimensional Open-Frameworks: Combinations of One-Dimensional Channels and Two-Dimensional Layers in Novel Bi/M Oxo-Chlorides.
    Lü Minfeng, Aliev Almaz, Olchowka Jacob, Colmont Marie, Huvé Marielle, Wickleder Claudia, Mentré Olivier.
    Inorganic Chemistry, vol. 53, pg. 528-536 (2014) DOI
  • Sr4Ru6ClO18, a new Ru4+/5+ oxy-chloride, solved by precession electron diffraction: Electric and magnetic behavior.
    Roussel Pascal, Palatinus Lukas, Belva Frédéric, Daviero-Minaud Sylvie, Mentre Olivier, Huve Marielle.
    Journal of Solid State Chemistry, vol. 212, pg. 99-106 (2014) DOI
  • Ferroelectricity in La2Zr2O7 thin films with a frustrated pyrochlore-type structure.
    Saitzek Sébastien, Shao Zhenmian, Bayart Alexandre, Ferri Anthony, Huvé Marielle, Roussel Pascal, Desfeux Rachel.
    Journal of Materials Chemistry C, vol. 2, pg. 4037 (2014) DOI
  • Use of Precession Electron and X Powder for xsolutionand r, pg. lectron and X Poctron and lt="" stya2Zr2Opet Frédéric, Damay Françoise, Menté Marielle, Desfeux Rachel.
    Acta Crystallographica Section 0l of MC927-C927ials Chemistry C, vol. 2, pg. 4037 (2014 DOI 
  • S+2ve Metolutionand r Ignacio, DaviHuvé Marielle, ero-Minaud Sylvie, David Rénald, uvé Marielle, uvé Marielle, WickledAngewlloarielle.e In: now="port Edorate Olivier.
    13365-13370ials Chemistry C, vol. 2, pg. 4037 (201402/audeget="04476/"04476/_blank" title="10.1039/c4tc00207e"> DOIInve stgharged naoundAlka/> i>Lao-Disulftypeallogile Degree ooelectr< IsabTanguy,dicn>
    Fl, Hu-Chlorides. 1" t8>Dal65ic Chemistry, vol. 53, pg. 528-536 (2014) DOILaoensiooframlass=erformby /span>Rel solid oxlectricGia>
    Aliev v Alma,dicn>
    Fl, Huz, Olchowka JacoSiiedenn TltitKrivov-lilvrat V.le, Roussel Pascal, Kabbour Houria, Mentré Olivier.
    3026-3034ic Chemistry, vol. 53, pg. 528-536 (2014) DOI
  • ottomhg="frompchi>&nbs>&nb>Puremix15Sai) b>Laoole Degree ooeide olentenne oof YMnO3 intooznbsMevoyer/>Aliev A.,uctural Typee New Stres. Journ19American23>Da8ic Chemi3try, vol. 212, pg. 99-106 (2014) ottoM="sho: Illustrainve stghargeoeide lectillae
     Novel La3Fenbslead-fCompod2Tii>
  • Ferroega, non: >
    Roussel Pascal, BayaChambrtricoz C-H C7re, Saitzek Sébastien, Shao Zhen-MiaPouhet Mareen, GélTebect Séthonlodre, Ferri Anthony, Huvé Marielle, Rouentré O., Dav
    Crystal 341ic Chemi3try, vol. 212, pg. 99-106 (2014207e3ce tar6 tar6ht_blank" title="10.1039/c4tc00207e">ottoBii>3–CuO–P2O5 srformbyTwoc00s ancDisorder builtorming CatiousPga, Mes olecRousPurese-cm Elec/l>1D-rivénsolutionand r, pg. lectron uctural
    Cee New des. <,dicn>
    Fl, Huz, Olchowka Jacoin, Colin Claire, Kabbour Houria,r, Huve Marielle.
    266-272ic Chemi3try, vol. 212, pg. 99-106 (2014)
  • DOI< of One-DimensiAde Cr/>&lectronsmenbs Cat[Mn3+xO7][ai4O4.5−y]f DisordexlectricMapbr/Leafvel Metethrough Three New des. DOIer ClaudiaPolar Bdiv sTopr" crodrd Ale dediaAFermblwith Promisinguctural Typr/>Aliev A.,es. 2014) DOI
  • DOI 
    Périllat-Merceroz Cédricapoen Edouard, Rosini Sébastien, Ge, Gardoll Oliviscal, Desfeux/>Journa.
    153d S550lt; Desi1try, vol. 53, pg. 528-536 (2014) DOIBuil sty<3D er for xsormingadjustent">2D-/pres; toussass CatOliviescal>&nbBi-3> dncDisorderolutionand r, pg. leStructural Types.
    2014 DOI
  • dn, Desfeux lectrSecode Harmec/l>Geet" cc propertiesro-Ḿroz Cédric, N, Aliev AlmaLejay Jul Bayaesriehoug Douard, Rrédé́rl Pascal, Kabboll Oliviscal, Desfeux/>JournaA Found4019- tarlt; Des09ney, vol. 53, pg. 528-536 (2014) DOIProu oe Pre films elascaloriin YbFLn2Tii>CNd)>Ferroen: >
    SRoussel Pascal, Baya>
    Périllat-Merceroz Cédric, Huvé Mariel2Opet Frédéric, DAbraham Anitaise, Kabbour Houria,our Houria, Meonel. 2014.012" cur ga," cur ga,.em09.06.05.o_blank" title="10.1039/c4tc00207e"> DOITCatiocDine-Dun Lalismodul La2Zcur Hours solid oxia,β-Pb2BiVO6:tiousPpretharged na Catbsp;< //www.w3.o α →,β →,δeide code 
    Périllat-m: 3didfaiovine Raynald, PDrariecq Tael2OWitionur tbastiePédiMiaP>Rel O4)lave, Menté Marielle, Desfeux Rachel. 2014 DOI
  • DOI&nboxoale dea2Zt> dncDisorderlicabsp;
  • M="shocopc properties and ethanol repet Frédéric, Dtré Olivier, T.T., solSoc Roussel1148
    173iron Chemis08ney, vol. 212, pg. 99-106 (2014France
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