Raphaël Lebeuf

Catalysis and Molecular Chemistry Department
Colloids catalysis oxidation (CISCO)

Maître de conférences

(Faculty researchers)

Phone:(+33) 03 20 43 44 48
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Address:Université Lille
Cité Scientifique, Bâtiment C3
59650 Villeneuve d'Ascq Cedex

Research Interest :

Key words : oxidation processes and antioxidants, development of new catalytic systems for oxidative chemistry, coating chemistry, synthesis and properties of new bio-based surfactants.

Education :

2012    Assistant professor, ENSCL, Lille, France
2011    Postdoc with Dr. V. Levacher, IRCOF, Rouen, France. Pharmaceutical Chemistry
2010    ATER with Pr. J.M. Aubry, University of Lille 1. Formulation/catalysis
2008    Postdoc with Pr. J. Cossy, ESPCI, Paris, France. Total synthesis
2006    Postdoc with Pr. F. Glorius, Marburg then Münster, Germany. Catalysis
2003    PhD with Pr. Y. Landais, University of Bordeaux 1. Organic synthesis

Activités d'enseignement :

  • TP chimie organique 2ème année classe préparatoire intégrée (CPI) ENSCL
  • TP chimie organique 1ère année cycle ingénieur (CI) ENSCL
  • Cours « Chimie des hétéroéléments » S8 cycle ingénieur ENSCL
  • Cours “Valorisation de la biomasse et chimie verte” S9 cycle ingénieur ENSCL

Publications :

Publications in the database: 16 (since 2005)
  • 2018

  • Synthesis and Surfactant Properties of Nonionic Biosourced Alkylglucuronamides.
    Lebeuf Raphaël, Liu Chih-Yin, Pierlot Christel, Nardello-Rataj Véronique.
    ACS Sustainable Chemistry < Engineering, vol. 6, pg. 2758-2766 (2018) DOI
  • 2017

  • Optimization of the vegetable oil composition in alkyd resins: A kinetic approach based on FAMEs autoxidation.
    Dubrulle L., Lebeuf R., Fressancourt-Collinet M., Nardello-Rataj V.
    Progress in Organic Coatings, vol. 112, pg. 288-294 (2017) DOI
  • Catalytic activity of primary and secondary driers towards the oxidation and hydroperoxide decomposition steps for the chemical drying of alkyd resin.
    Dubrulle L., Lebeuf R., Thomas L., Fressancourt-Collinet M., Nardello-Rataj V.
    Progress in Organic Coatings, vol. 104, pg. 141-151 (2017) DOI
  • Hydroquinone-Based Biarylic Polyphenols as Redox Organocatalysts for Dioxygen Reduction: Dramatic Effect of Orcinol Substituent on the Catalytic Activity.
    Lebeuf Raphaël, Nardello-Rataj Véronique, Aubry Jean-Marie.
    Advanced Synthesis < Catalysis, vol. 359, pg. 268-278 (2017) DOI
  • 2016

  • One-Pot Synthesis of (+)-Nootkatone via Dark Singlet Oxygenation of Valencene: The Triple Role of the Amphiphilic Molybdate Catalyst.
    Hong Bing, Lebeuf Raphaël, Delbaere Stéphanie, Alsters Paul, Nardello-Rataj Véronique.
    Catalysts, vol. 6, pg. 184 (2016) DOI
  • Solvo-Surfactant Properties of Dialkyl Glycerol Ethers: Application as Eco-Friendly Extractants of Plant Material through a Novel Hydrotropic Cloud Point Extraction (HCPE) Process.
    ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng. , vol. 4(9), pg. 4815-4823 (2016) DOI
  • 2014

  • Dramatic synergistic effects between hydroquinone and resorcinol derivatives for the organocatalyzed reduction of dioxygen by diethylhydroxylamine.
    Lebeuf Raphaël, Nardello-Rataj Véronique, Aubry Jean-Marie.
    Chemical Communications, vol. 50, pg. 866 (2014) DOI
  • 2013

  • Trapping of Dioxygen Dissolved in Water by Alkylhydroxylamines: A Comparison of Hydroquinone, Gallic Acid and Aminophenols as Organocatalysts.
    Lebeuf Raphaël, Nardello-Rataj Véronique, Aubry Jean-Marie.
    Topics in Catalysis, vol. 56, pg. 933-938 (2013) DOI
  • 2012

  • Natural polyphenols as safe alternatives to hydroquinone for the organocatalyzed reduction of dioxygen dissolved in water by diethylhydroxylamine (DEHA).
    Lebeuf Raphaël, Zhu Ying, Nardello-Rataj Véronique, Lallier Jean-Pierre, Aubry Jean-Marie.
    Green Chemistry, vol. 14, pg. 825 (2012) DOI
  • Total Synthesis of Nominal Lyngbouilloside Aglycon.
    ElMarrouni Abdelatif, Lebeuf Raphael, Gebauer Julian, Heras Montserrat, Arseniyadis Stellios, Cossy Janine.
    Organic Letters, vol. 14, pg. 314-317 (2012) DOI
  • 2010

  • Straightforward Assembly of the Octahydroisoquinoline Core of Morphinan Alkaloids.
    Dunet Julie, Lebeuf Raphaël, Bose Gopal, Robert Frédéric, Landais Yannick.
    Organic Letters, vol. 12, pg. 2178-2181 (2010) DOI
  • 2009

  • Straightforward Synthesis of the Near-Infrared Fluorescent Voltage-Sensitive Dye RH1691 and Analogues Thereof.
    Lebeuf Raphaël, Férézou Isabelle, Rossier Jean, Arseniyadis Stellios, Cossy Janine.
    Organic Letters, vol. 11, pg. 4822-4825 (2009) DOI
  • Birch Reductive Alkylation of Biaryls: Scope and Limitations.
    Lebeuf Raphaël, Dunet Julie, Beniazza Redouane, Ibrahim Dawood, Bose Gopal, Berlande Muriel, Robert Frédéric, Landais Yannick.
    The Journal of Organic Chemistry, vol. 74, pg. 6469-6478 (2009) DOI
  • 2008

  • Palladium-Catalyzed C-Allylation of Benzoins and an NHC-Catalyzed Three Component Coupling Derived Thereof: Compatibility of NHC- and Pd-Catalysts.
    Lebeuf Raphaël, Hirano Keiichi, Glorius Frank.
    Organic Letters, vol. 10, pg. 4243-4246 (2008) DOI
  • 2006

  • Desymmetrization of Cyclohexa-2,5-dienes through a Diastereoselective Protonation−Hydroamination Cascade.
    Lebeuf Raphaël, Robert Frédéric, Schenk Kurt, Landais Yannick.
    Organic Letters, vol. 8, pg. 4755-4758 (2006) DOI
  • 2005

  • Regioselectivity of Birch Reductive Alkylation of Biaryls†.
    Lebeuf Raphaël, Robert Frédéric, Landais Yannick.
    Organic Letters, vol. 7, pg. 4557-4560 (2005) DOI