Houria Kabbour

Chimie du Solide
Matériaux inorganiques, structures, systèmes et propriétés (MISSP)

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Bureau :202 (bâtiment C7)
Téléphone :03 74 95 13 32
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Adresse :Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Lille
Cité Scientifique, Bâtiment C7 - BP 90108
59652 Villeneuve d'Ascq Cedex

Thèmes de recherche

Design of new inorganic solids : Structural prediction supported by ab-initio calculations (DFT), synthesis and characterization

Recherches actuelles

Our goal is the design, i. e. structure and properties prediction & synthesis/characterization, of new intergrowth solids (oxides, oxy-halides) with targeted properties. We use the “secondary building units” approach supported by DFT calculations (geometry optimization etc...) to build up new structural models. Original stacking of complementary structural units, which are chosen for their specific intrinsic properties, allows controlling the global properties of the final compound. This approach is partly dedicated to the prospection of new magnetic systems.

Parcours de recherche

November 2007- august 2008 : Postdoc - Max Planck Institut für Festkörperforschung. Stuttgart, Germany. Pr. Martin Jansen department. Prospection and study of new layered oxides.

November 2005 - October 2007 : Postdoc - California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA, USA, Division of engineering and applied science, Materials Science. Materials for hydrogen storage : adsorption mechanisms in MOFs compounds and porous carbons ; complex hydrides (Dr. Channing Ahn, Pr. Brent Fultz).

2005 : September 30th : Ph. D degree (Solid state chemistry) - University of Nantes. « Conception rationnelle de nouveaux composés inorganiques à partir de sous-unités structurales 2D » : Institut des Matériaux Jean Rouxel (IMN), CNRS, Nantes, France. Supervisors : Dr. Laurent Cario and Dr. Alain Meerschaut.

2002 : DEA Sciences des Matériaux, Ecole Polytechnique de l’Université de Nantes. Study of lithium insertion mechanisms in Li1.1V3O8 using electronic structure calculations (DFT) and electrochemical analysis. IMN (CNRS, Nantes)


Publications dans la base de données : 56 (depuis 2007)
  • 2021

  • High Pressure Synthesis of the Spin Chain Sulfide Ba9V3S11(S2)2.
    Almoussawi Batoul, Tomohiri Hayashi, Kageyama Hiroshi, Kabbour Houria.
    European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, vol. 2021, pg. 1271-1277 (2021) DOI
  • 2020

  • Synthesis, structure and magnetic behavior of iron arsenites with hierarchical magnetic units.
    Leclercq Bastien, Kabbour Houria, Arevalo-Lopez Angel M., Daviero-Minaud Sylvie, Minaud Claire, David Rénald, Mentré Olivier.
    Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers, vol. 7, pg. 3987-3999 (2020) DOI
  • Multiferroic BaCoX2O7(X = P, As) Compounds with Incommensurate Structural Waves but Collinear Spin Ingredients .
    Leclercq Bastien, Arévalo‐López Angel M., Kabbour Houria, Daviero‐Minaud Sylvie, Pautrat Alain, Basu Tathamay, Colin Claire V., Das Ranjana‐Rani, David Rénald, Mentré Olivier.
    Advanced Quantum Technologies, pg. 2000064 (2020) DOI
  • Oxysulfide Ba5(VO2S2)2(S2)2 Combining Disulfide Channels and Mixed-Anion Tetrahedra and Its Third-Harmonic-Generation Properties.
    Almoussawi Batoul, Huvé Marielle, Dupray Valérie, Clevers Simon, Duffort Victor, Mentré Olivier, Roussel Pascal, Arevalo-Lopez Angel M., Kabbour Houria.
    Inorganic Chemistry, vol. 59, pg. 5907-5917 (2020) DOI
  • Lone-pair self-containment in pyritohedron-shaped closed cavities: optimized hydrothermal synthesis, structure, magnetism and lattice thermal conductivity of Co15F2(TeO3)14.
    Lü Minfeng, Jiang Jianhua, Zhu Bei, Zhao Yuwei, Zhu Tianyu, Yang Haoming, Jin Yong, Kabbour Houria, Choi Kwang-Yong, Harrison William T. A.
    Dalton Transactions, (2020) DOI
  • Polymorphs, phase transitions and stability in BaM2(PO4)2 M = Mn, Fe, Co systems.
    Leclercq Bastien, Kabbour Houria, Arevalo-Lopez Angel, Huvé Marielle, Daviero-Minaud Sylvie, Minaud Claire, Blazquez Alcover Ignacio, Mentré Olivier.
    Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers, vol. 7, pg. 239-246 (2020) DOI
  • Structure of the water-splitting photocatalyst oxysulfide α-LaOInS2 and ab initio prediction of new polymorphs.
    Kabbour Houria, Sayede Adlane, Saitzek Sébastien, Lefèvre Gauthier, Cario Laurent, Trentesaux Martine, Roussel Pascal.
    Chemical Communications, vol. 56, pg. 1645-1648 (2020) DOI
  • 2019

  • Metamagnetic Transitions versus Magnetocrystalline Anisotropy in Two Cobalt Arsenates with 1D Co2+ Chains.
    Leclercq Bastien, Kabbour Houria, Damay Françoise, Colin Claire V., Pautrat Alain, Arevalo-Lopez Angel M., Mentré Olivier.
    Inorganic Chemistry, vol. 58, pg. 12609-12617 (2019) DOI
  • Identification and optical features of the Pb4Ln2O7 series (Ln = La, Gd, Sm, Nd); genuine 2D-van der Waals oxides.
    Colmont Marie, Lemoine Kévin, Roussel Pascal, Kabbour Houria, Olchowka Jacob, Henry Natacha, Hagemann Hans, Mentré Olivier.
    Chemical Communications, vol. 55, pg. 2944-2947 (2019) DOI
  • The Ba10S(VO3S)6 Oxysulfide: One-Dimensional Structure and Mixed Anion Chemical Bonding.
    Nicoud Sarah, Mentré Olivier, Kabbour Houria.
    Inorganic Chemistry, (2019) DOI
  • Structure and electrochromism of two-dimensional octahedral molecular sieve h’-WO3.
    Besnardiere Julie, Ma Binghua, Torres-Pardo Almudena, Wallez Gilles, Kabbour Houria, González-Calbet José M., Von Bardeleben Hans Jürgen, Fleury Benoit, Buissette Valérie, Sanchez Clément, Le Mercier Thierry, Cassaignon Sophie, Portehault David.
    Nature Communications, vol. 10 (2019) DOI
  • 2018

  • Nanometric Nickel Exsolution in the Hexagonal Perovskite Ba8Ta6NiO24: Survey of the Structural, Magnetic and Catalytic features.
    Pussacq T, Mentré O, Tessier F, Löfberg A, Huvé M, Guerrerro-Caballero J, Colis S, Kabbour H.
    Journal of Alloys and Compounds, vol. 766, pg. 987-993 (2018) DOI
  • Synthesis, electronic structure and physical properties of polycrystalline Ba 2 FePnSe 5 (Pn = Sb, Bi).
    Maier Stefan, Hebert Sylvie, Kabbour Houria, Pelloquin Denis, Perez Olivier, Berthebaud David, Gascoin Franck.
    Materials Chemistry and Physics, vol. 203, pg. 202-211 (2018) DOI
  • 2017

  • Bonding Scheme and Optical Properties in BiM2 O2 (PO4 ) (M=Cd, Mg, Zn); Experimental and Theoretical Analysis.
    Olchowka J., Mentré O., Kabbour H., Colmont M., Adlung M., Suta M., Wickleder C.
    Chemistry - A European Journal, vol. 23, pg. 15694-15703 (2017) DOI
  • A comprehensive study of magnetic exchanges in the layered oxychalcogenides Sr 3 Fe 2 O 5 Cu 2 Q 2 ( Q = S, Se).
    Lü Minfeng, Mentré Olivier, Gordon Elijah E., Whangbo Myung-Hwan, Wattiaux Alain, Duttine Mathieu, Tiercelin Nicolas, Kabbour Houria.
    Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, vol. 444, pg. 147-153 (2017) DOI
  • Comprehensive Study of Oxygen Storage in YbFe2O4+x (x ≤ 0.5): Unprecedented Coexistence of FeOn Polyhedra in One Single Phase.
    Nicoud Sarah, Huvé Marielle, Hernandez Olivier, Pautrat Alain, Duttine Mathieu, Wattiaux Alain, Colin Claire, Kabbour Houria, Mentré Olivier.
    Journal of the American Chemical Society, vol. 139, pg. 17031-17043 (2017) DOI
  • Reduction of Ln2Ti2O7 Layered Perovskites: A Survey of the Anionic Lattice, Electronic Features, and Potentials.
    Pussacq Tanguy, Kabbour Houria, Colis Silviu, Vezin Hervé, Saitzek Sébastien, Gardoll Olivier, Tassel Cédric, Kageyama Hiroshi, Laberty Robert Christel, Mentré Olivier.
    Chemistry of Materials, vol. 29, pg. 1047-1057 (2017) DOI
  • Topochemical Reduction of YMnO3 into a Composite Structure.
    Kabbour Houria, Gauthier Gilles H., Tessier Franck, Huvé Marielle, Pussacq Tanguy, Roussel Pascal, Hayward Michael A., Moreno B. Zulma L., Marinova Maya, Colmont Marie, Colis Silviu, Mentré Olivier.
    Inorganic Chemistry, vol. 56, pg. 8547-8553 (2017) DOI
  • Bismuth and vanadate activators in BiMVO 5 (M=Ca, Mg, Cd) phases: Structural, electronic and optical specificities.
    Olchowka Jacob, Colmont Marie, Kabbour Houria, Mentré Olivier.
    Journal of Alloys and Compounds, vol. 709, pg. 373-380 (2017) DOI
  • 2016

  • Des Oxydes et des blocs magnétiques: Approche expérimentale et théorique.
    Kabbour H, mentré Olivier.
    Actualité Chimique, vol. 413, pg. 26 (2016)
  • A Performant Dry Reforming Catalytic System Elaborated from the Reductive Decomposition of BaNi2 V2 O8.
    Guerrero-Caballero Jesus, Löfberg Axel, Mentré Olivier, Kane Tanushree, Pussacq Tanguy, Roussel Pascal, Huvé Marielle, Trentesaux Martine, Gardoll Olivier, Kabbour Houria.
    ChemistrySelect, vol. 1, pg. 5633-5637 (2016) DOI
  • Common Building Motifs in Ba2Fe3(PO4)4·2H2O, BaFe3(PO4)3,and Na3Fe3(PO4)4: Labile Fe2+/Fe3+Ordering and Charge-Dependent Magnetism.
    David Rénald, Pautrat Alain, Kabbour Houria, Mentré Olivier.
    Inorganic Chemistry, vol. 55, pg. 4354-4361 (2016) DOI
  • Lead Oxychloride Borates Obtained under Extreme Conditions.
    Siidra Oleg I., Kabbour Houria, Mentre Olivier, Nazarchuk Evgeny V., Kegler Philip, Zinyakhina Diana O., Colmont Marie, Depmeier Wulf.
    Inorganic Chemistry, vol. 55, pg. 9077-9084 (2016) DOI
  • ABiO2X (A = Cd, Ca, Sr, Ba, Pb; X = halogen)SillenX1 Series: Polymorphism Versus Optical Properties.
    Olchowka Jacob, Kabbour Houria, Colmont Marie, Adlung Matthias, Wickleder Claudia, Mentré Olivier.
    Inorganic Chemistry, vol. 55, pg. 7582-7592 (2016) DOI
  • Host-sensitized luminescence properties of KLa5O5(VO4)2:Eu3+for solid-state lighting applications.
    Colmont Marie, Saitzek Sébastien, Katelnikovas Arturas, Kabbour Houria, Olchowka Jacob, Roussel Pascal.
    J. Mater. Chem. C, (2016) DOI
  • On the Use of Dynamical Diffraction Theory To Refine Crystal Structure from Electron Diffraction Data: Application to KLa5O5(VO4)2, a Material with Promising Luminescent Properties.
    Colmont Marie, Palatinus Lukas, Huvé Marielle, Kabbour Houria, Saitzek Sébastien, Djelal Nora, Roussel Pascal.
    Inorganic Chemistry, vol. 55, pg. 2252-2260 (2016) DOI
  • 2015

  • Selective Metal Exsolution in BaFe2–yMy(PO4)2(M = Co2+, Ni2+) Solid Solutions.
    Blazquez Alcover Ignacio, Daviero-Minaud Sylvie, David Rénald, Filimonov Dmitry, Huvé Marielle, Attfield J. Paul, Kabbour Houria, Mentré Olivier.
    Inorganic Chemistry, vol. 54, pg. 8733-8743 (2015) DOI
  • Structural Evolution from 0D Units to 3D Frameworks in Pb Oxyhalides: Unexpected Strongly Corrugated Layers in Pb7O6Br2.
    Siidra Oleg I., Gogolin Mathias, Lukina Evgeniya A., Kabbour Houria, Bubnova Rimma S., Mentré Olivier, Agakhanov Atali A., Krivovichev Sergey V., Colmont Marie, Gesing Thorsten.
    Inorganic Chemistry, vol. 54, pg. 11550-11556 (2015) DOI
  • BaCoO2.22: the most oxygen-deficient certified cubic perovskite.
    Mentré Olivier, Iorgulescu Mihaela, Huvé Marielle, Kabbour Houria, Renaut Nicolas, Daviero-Minaud Sylvie, Colis Silviu, Roussel Pascal.
    Dalton Trans., vol. 44, pg. 10728-10737 (2015) DOI
  • Reversible Exsolution of Nanometric Fe2O3Particles in BaFe2–x(PO4)2(0 ≤x≤ 2/3): The Logic of Vacancy Ordering in Novel Metal-Depleted Two-Dimensional Lattices.
    Alcover Ignacio Blazquez, David Rénald, Daviero-Minaud Sylvie, Filimonov Dmitry, Huvé Marielle, Roussel Pascal, Kabbour Houria, Mentré Olivier.
    Crystal Growth < Design, vol. 15, pg. 4237-4247 (2015) DOI
  • 2014

  • Two-Orbital Three-Electron Stabilizing Interaction for Direct Co2+As3+Bonds involving Square-Planar CoO4in BaCoAs2O5.
    David Rénald, Kabbour Houria, Pautrat Alain, Touati Nadia, Whangbo Myung-Hwan, Mentré Olivier.
    Angewandte Chemie International Edition, vol. 53, pg. 3111-3114 (2014) DOI
  • Revised Bi/M Layered Oxo-Sulfate (M = Co, Cu): A Structural and Magnetic Study.
    Lü Minfeng, Colmont Marie, Kabbour Houria, Colis Silviu, Mentré Olivier.
    Inorganic Chemistry, vol. 53, pg. 6969-6978 (2014) DOI
  • Triple CoII, III, IVcharge ordering and spin states in modular cobaltites: a systematization through experimental and virtual compounds.
    David R., Kabbour H., Bordet P., Pelloquin D., Leynaud O., Trentesaux M., Mentré O.
    J. Mater. Chem. C, vol. 2, pg. 9457-9466 (2014) DOI
  • Reversible Topochemical Exsolution of Iron in BaFe2+2(PO4)2.
    David Rénald, Kabbour Houria, Filimonov Dmitry, Huvé Marielle, Pautrat Alain, Mentré Olivier.
    Angewandte Chemie International Edition, vol. 53, pg. 13365-13370 (2014) DOI
  • 2013

  • In situ surface treatment of nanocrystalline MFe2O4 (M=Co, Mg, Mn, Ni) spinel ferrites using linseed oil.
    Gherca Daniel, Cornei Nicoleta, Mentré Olivier, Kabbour Houria, Daviero-Minaud Sylvie, Pui Aurel.
    Applied Surface Science, vol. 287, pg. 490-498 (2013) DOI
  • Magnetization Steps Promoted by Structural Modulation in BaCoX2O7(X = As, P).
    David Rénald, Kabbour Houria, Colis Silviu, Pautrat Alain, Suard Emmanuelle, Mentré Olivier.
    The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, vol. 117, pg. 18190-18198 (2013) DOI
  • Slow Spin Dynamics between Ferromagnetic Chains in a Pure-Inorganic Framework.
    David Rénald, Kabbour Houria, Colis Silviu, Mentré Olivier.
    Inorganic Chemistry, vol. 52, pg. 13742-13750 (2013) DOI
  • Across the Structural Re-Entrant Transition in BaFe2(PO4)2: Influence of the Two-Dimensional Ferromagnetism.
    David Rénald, Pautrat Alain, Filimonov Dmitry, Kabbour Houria, Vezin Hervé, Whangbo Myung-Hwan, Mentré Olivier.
    Journal of the American Chemical Society, vol. 135, pg. 13023-13029 (2013) DOI
  • Puzzling Polymorphism of Layered Ba(CoPO4)2.
    David Rénald, Kabbour Houria, Pautrat Alain, Mentré Olivier.
    Inorganic Chemistry, vol. 52, pg. 8732-8737 (2013) DOI
  • 2012

  • A Genuine Two-Dimensional Ising Ferromagnet with Magnetically Driven Re-entrant Transition.
    Kabbour Houria, David Rénald, Pautrat Alain, Koo Hyun-Joo, Whangbo Myung-Hwan, André Gilles, Mentré Olivier.
    Angewandte Chemie International Edition, pg. n/a-n/a (2012) DOI
  • Mixed Metallic Ba(Co,Fe)X0.2O3−δ(X = F, Cl) Hexagonal Perovskites: Drastic Effect of Fe-Incorporation on Structural and Electronic Features.
    Iorgulescu Mihaela, Roussel Pascal, Tancret Nathalie, Renault Nicolas, Porcher Florence, André Gilles, Kabbour Houria, Mentré Olivier.
    Inorganic Chemistry, vol. 51, pg. 7598-7608 (2012) DOI
  • 2011

  • [BaCoO3]n[BaCo8O11] Modular Intergrowths: Singularity of then= 2 Term.
    David Rénald, Pautrat Alain, Kabbour Houria, Sturza Mihai, Curelea Sergiu, André Gilles, Pelloquin Denis, Mentré Olivier.
    Chemistry of Materials, vol. 23, pg. 5191-5199 (2011) DOI
  • α-Na3M2(PO4)3(M = Ti, Fe): Absolute Cationic Ordering in NASICON-Type Phases.
    Kabbour Houria, Coillot Daniel, Colmont Marie, Masquelier Christian, Mentré Olivier.
    Journal of the American Chemical Society, vol. 133, pg. 11900-11903 (2011) DOI
  • Unprecedented Robust Antiferromagnetism in Fluorinated Hexagonal Perovskites.
    Sturza Mihai, Kabbour Houria, Daviero-Minaud Sylvie, Filimonov Dmitry, Pokholok Konstantin, Tiercelin Nicolas, Porcher Florence, Aldon Laurent, Mentré Olivier.
    Journal of the American Chemical Society, vol. 133, pg. 10901-10909 (2011) DOI
  • 2010

  • Ba8Co2Mn6ClO22, a quasi-1D hexagonal perovskite polytype containing new 8H-blocks.
    Iorgulescu Mihaela, Kabbour Houria, Tancret Nathalie, Mentré Olivier, Roussel Pascal.
    Chemical Communications, vol. 46, pg. 5271 (2010) DOI
  • Anion-Vacancy-Induced Magneto−Crystalline Anisotropy in Fluorine-Doped Hexagonal Cobaltites.
    Mentré Olivier, Kabbour Houria, Ehora Ghislaine, Tricot Grégory, Daviero-Minaud Sylvie, Whangbo Myung-Hwan.
    Journal of the American Chemical Society, vol. 132, pg. 4865-4875 (2010) DOI
  • Fluorination of Iron Hexagonal Perovskites Promoting Low Temperature Oxygen Mobility.
    Sturza Mihai, Daviero-Minaud Sylvie, Kabbour Houria, Gardoll Olivier, Mentré Olivier.
    Chemistry of Materials, vol. 22, pg. 6726-6735 (2010) DOI
  • 2009

  • Pore size distribution and supercritical hydrogen adsorption in activated carbon fibers.
    Purewal J J, Kabbour H, Vajo J J, Ahn C C, Fultz B.
    Nanotechnology, vol. 20, pg. 204012 (2009) DOI
  • LiSc(BH4)4as a Hydrogen Storage Material: Multinuclear High-Resolution Solid-State NMR and First-Principles Density Functional Theory Studies.
    Kim Chul, Hwang Son-Jong, Bowman Robert C., Reiter Joseph W., Zan Jason A., Kulleck James G., Kabbour Houria, Majzoub E. H., Ozolins V.
    The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, vol. 113, pg. 9956-9968 (2009) DOI
  • 2008

  • Ba2F2Fe2+0.5Fe3+S3: A Two-Dimensional Inhomogeneous Mixed Valence Iron Compound.
    Kabbour Houria, Cario Laurent.
    Inorganic Chemistry, vol. 47, pg. 1648-1652 (2008) DOI
  • NMR Confirmation for Formation of [B12H12]2- Complexes during Hydrogen Desorption from Metal Borohydrides.
    Hwang S.-J., Bowman R.C., Reiter J.W., Rijssenbeek J., Soloveichik G.L., Zhao J.-C., Kabbour H., Ahn C.C.
    Journal of Physical Chemistry C, vol. 112, pg. 3164-3169 (2008) DOI
  • Increasing the Density of Adsorbed Hydrogen with Coordinatively Unsaturated Metal Centers in Metal−Organic Frameworks.
    Liu Yun, Kabbour Houria, Brown Craig M., Neumann Dan A., Ahn Channing C.
    Langmuir, vol. 24, pg. 4772-4777 (2008) DOI
  • Structure and Magnetic Properties of Oxychalcogenides A2F2Fe2OQ2(A = Sr, Ba; Q = S, Se) with Fe2O Square Planar Layers Representing an Antiferromagnetic Checkerboard Spin Lattice.
    Kabbour Houria, Janod Etienne, Corraze Benoît, Danot Michel, Lee Changhoon, Whangbo Myung-Hwan, Cario Laurent.
    Journal of the American Chemical Society, vol. 130, pg. 8261-8270 (2008) DOI
  • 2007

  • Cation Deficient Layered Ruddlesden−Popper-Related Oxysulfides La2LnMS2O5(Ln = La, Y; M = Nb, Ta).
    Cario Laurent, Popa Aurelian Florin, Lafond Alain, Guillot-Deudon Catherine, Kabbour Houria, Meerschaut A., Clarke Simon J., Adamson Paul.
    Inorganic Chemistry, vol. 46, pg. 9584-9590 (2007) DOI
  • Direct synthesis and NMR characterization of calcium alanate.
    Kabbour Houria, Ahn Channing C., Hwang Son-Jong, Bowman Robert C., Graetz Jason.
    Journal of Alloys and Compounds, vol. 446-447, pg. 264-266 (2007) DOI
  • Facile Synthesis of BiCuOS by Hydrothermal Methods.
    Sheets William C., Stampler Evan S., Kabbour Houria, Bertoni Mariana I., Cario Laurent, Mason Thomas O., Marks Tobin J., Poeppelmeier Kenneth R.
    Inorganic Chemistry, vol. 46, pg. 10741-10748 (2007) DOI