Robert Wojcieszak

Catalyse Hétérogène
Valorisation des alcanes et de la biomasse (VAALBIO)

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Bureau :C107 (bâtiment ECL)
Téléphone :03 20 67 60 08
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Adresse :Ecole Centrale de Lille
Cité Scientifique
Bd Paul Langevin
59651 Villeneuve d'Ascq Cedex

University background:

  • Master in Analytical Chemistry (2003), Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań, Poland.
  • DHERI: Advanced studies on industrial research (2006), Henri Poincaré University, Nancy, France.
  • PhD in Molecular Chemistry and Physical Chemistry (2006), Henri Poincaré University, Nancy, France.
  • Post-doc fellowship in Catalysis and Nanomaterials (2008-2011), Catholic University of Louvain, Louvain la Neuve, Belgium
  • Post-doc fellowship in Catalysis and Oxidation reactions (2013), Institute of Chemistry, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • CNRS researcher University of Lille (since 2014)

Research activities:

Robert Wojcieszak has received his Ph.D. in Physical and Molecular Chemistry from the University of Lorraine, France in 2006. He joined next the Institute of Condensed Matter and Nanosciences at the Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium (post-doc fellowship). In 2013 he was awarded with a FAPESP fellowship at the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil where he was working on gold-based nanomaterials synthesis and their use in selective oxidation reactions (group of prof. L. Rossi). Currently he is a CNRS researcher in the VAALBIO group of UCCS laboratory at the University of Lille.

He is involved in the development of new advanced catalysts for biomass transformation. His research is focused especially on the hydrogenation, oxidation and amination of bio-based compounds using heterogeneous and hybrid materials and their combinations under the efficient and novel concept of fully integrated hybrid catalysis.

Main research topics in the field of new materials for sustainable and environmental chemistry:

  • Hybrid catalysis and materials for sustainable processes

  • Oxidation and hydrogenation of platform molecules

  • Integrated Biorefineries and biomass valorization


  • Eco-efficient products and processes

  • Multi-component catalysts with tailored properties

  • Metallic and bimetallic nanoparticles

  • Extensive hands-on experience in nanoparticles preparation and surface science

Publications :

Publications dans la base de données : 61 (depuis 2008)
  • 2020

  • Levoglucosan: a promising platform molecule?.
    Itabaiana Junior Ivaldo, Avelar do Nascimento Marcelo, de Souza Rodrigo Octavio Mendonça Alves, Dufour Anthony, Wojcieszak Robert.
    Green Chemistry, vol. 22, pg. 5859-5880 (2020) DOI
  • Artificial Neural Networks To Distinguish Charcoal from Eucalyptus and Native Forests Based on Their Mineral Components.
    Ramalho Fernanda Maria Guedes, Carvalho Geila Santos, Hein Paulo Ricardo Gherardi, Napoli Alfredo, Wojcieszak Robert, Guilherme Luiz Roberto Guimarães.
    Energy < Fuels, vol. 34, pg. 9599-9608 (2020) DOI
  • Synthesis and characterization of a magnetic hybrid catalyst containing lipase and palladium and its application on the dynamic kinetic resolution of amines.
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    Molecular Catalysis, vol. 493, pg. 111106 (2020) DOI
  • Mobility and versatility of the liquid bismuth promoter in the working iron catalysts for light olefin synthesis from syngas.
    Gu Bang, Peron Deizi V., Barrios Alan J., Bahri Mounib, Ersen Ovidiu, Vorokhta Mykhailo, Šmíd Břetislav, Banerjee Dipanjan, Virginie Mirella, Marceau Eric, Wojcieszak Robert, Ordomsky Vitaly V., Khodakov Andrei Y.
    Chemical Science, vol. 11, pg. 6167-6182 (2020) DOI
  • Raman Spectroscopy Applied to Monitor Furfural Liquid-Phase Oxidation Catalyzed by Supported Gold Nanoparticles.
    Thuriot-Roukos Joëlle, Khadraoui Romaissa, Paul Sébastien, Wojcieszak Robert.
    ACS Omega, vol. 5, pg. 14283-14290 (2020) DOI
  • Engineering the future: Perspectives in the 2,5-furandicarboxylic acid synthesis.
    Wojcieszak R., Itabaiana I.
    Catalysis Today, vol. 354, pg. 211-217 (2020) DOI
  • Influence of High Temperature Synthesis on the Structure of Graphitic Carbon Nitride and Its Hydrogen Generation Ability.
    Alwin Emilia, Kočí Kamila, Wojcieszak Robert, Zieliński Michał, Edelmannová Miroslava, Pietrowski Mariusz.
    Materials, vol. 13, pg. 2756 (2020) DOI
  • Plasmon-enhanced electrocatalytic oxygen reduction in alkaline media on gold nanohole electrodes.
    Saada Tamazouzt Nait, Marques da Silva Anderson Gabriel, Subramanian Palaniappan, Pang Liuqing, Adnane Noual, Djafari-Rouhani Bahram, Mishyn Vladyslav, Meziane Dalila, Melinte Sorin, Sandu Georgiana, Dumeignil Franck, Paul Sébastien, Wojcieszak Robert, Boukherroub Rabah, Szunerits Sabine.
    Journal of Materials Chemistry A, vol. 8, pg. 10395-10401 (2020) DOI
  • Lactic Acid Conversion to Acrylic Acid Over Fluoride-Substituted Hydroxyapatites.
    Wojcieszak Robert, Bonnotte Thomas, Paul Sébastien, Katryniok Benjamin, Dumeignil Franck.
    Frontiers in Chemistry, vol. 8 (2020) DOI
  • Identification of efficient promoters and selectivity trends in high temperature Fischer-Tropsch synthesis over supported iron catalysts.
    Barrios Alan J., Gu Bang, Luo Yuan, Peron Deizi V., Chernavskii Petr. A., Virginie Mirella, Wojcieszak Robert, Thybaut Joris W., Ordomsky Vitaly V., Khodakov Andrei Y.
    Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, vol. 273, pg. 119028 (2020) DOI
  • Aerobic oxidation of 1,6-hexanediol to adipic acid over Au-based catalysts: the role of basic supports.
    Capece Noemi, Sadier Achraf, Palombo Ferraz Camila, Thuriot-Roukos Joëlle, Pietrowski Mariusz, Zieliński Michał, Paul Sébastien, Cavani Fabrizio, Wojcieszak Robert.
    Catalysis Science < Technology, vol. 10, pg. 2644-2651 (2020) DOI
  • Efficient Oxidative Esterification of Furfural Using Au Nanoparticles Supported on Group 2 Alkaline Earth Metal Oxides.
    P. Ferraz Camila, Braga Adriano H., Ghazzal Mohamed Nawfal, Zieliński Michał, Pietrowski Mariusz, Itabaiana Ivaldo, Dumeignil Franck, Rossi Liane M., Wojcieszak Robert.
    Catalysts, vol. 10, pg. 430 (2020) DOI
  • Hydroconversion of 5‐Hydroxymethylfurfural to 2,5‐Dimethylfuran and 2,5‐Dimethyltetrahydrofuran over Non‐promoted Ni/SBA‐15.
    Chen Shuo, Ciotonea Carmen, De Oliveira Vigier Karine, Jérôme François, Wojcieszak Robert, Dumeignil Franck, Marceau Eric, Royer Sebastien.
    ChemCatChem, vol. 12, pg. 2050-2059 (2020) DOI
  • A soft-chemistry assisted strong metal–support interaction on a designed plasmonic core–shell photocatalyst for enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen production.
    Gesesse Getaneh Diress, Wang Cong, Chang Bor Kae, Tai Shih-Hsuan, Beaunier Patricia, Wojcieszak Robert, Remita Hynd, Colbeau-Justin Christophe, Ghazzal Mohamed Nawfal.
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  • 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural and Furfural Base-Free Oxidation over AuPd Embedded Bimetallic Nanoparticles.
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  • Liquid Phase Furfural Oxidation under Uncontrolled pH in Batch and Flow Conditions: The Role of in Situ Formed Base.
    Roselli Alessandra, Carvalho Yuri, Dumeignil Franck, Cavani Fabrizio, Paul Sébastien, Wojcieszak Robert.
    Catalysts, vol. 10, pg. 73 (2020) DOI
  • 2019

  • Regioselective Acylation of Levoglucosan Catalyzed by Candida Antarctica (CaLB) Lipase Immobilized on Epoxy Resin.
    Avelar do Nascimento Marcelo, Ester Gotardo Larissa, Miguez Bastos Eduardo, C. L. Almeida Fabio, A. C. Leão Raquel, O. M. A. de Souza Rodrigo, Wojcieszak Robert, Itabaiana Ivaldo.
    Sustainability, vol. 11, pg. 6044 (2019) DOI
  • Au-based bimetallic catalysts: how the synergy between two metals affects their catalytic activity.
    Sha Jin, Paul Sébastien, Dumeignil Franck, Wojcieszak Robert.
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  • Restructuring of gold‐palladium alloyed nanoparticles: a step towards more active catalysts for oxidation of alcohols.
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  • Fully integrated high-throughput methodology for the study of Ni- and Cu-supported catalysts for glucose hydrogenation.
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  • Ni Promotion by Fe: What Benefits for Catalytic Hydrogenation?.
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  • Preparation of nickel (oxide) nanoparticles confined in the secondary pore network of mesoporous scaffolds using melt infiltration.
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  • Catalytic decarboxylation of fatty acids to hydrocarbons over non-noble metal catalysts: the state of the art.
    Kiméné Anouchka, Wojcieszak Robert, Paul Sébastien, Dumeignil Franck.
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  • Exploiting the Synergetic Behavior of PtPd Bimetallic Catalysts in the Selective Hydrogenation of Glucose and Furfural.
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  • Plasmon-Induced Electrocatalysis with Multi-Component Nanostructures.
    Subramanian Palaniappan, Meziane Dalila, Wojcieszak Robert, Dumeignil Franck, Boukherroub Rabah, Szunerits Sabine.
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  • 2018

  • Influence of Support Basic Sites in Green Oxidation of Biobased Substrates Using Au-Promoted Catalysts.
    Ferraz Camila P., Zieliński Michał, Pietrowski Mariusz, Heyte Svetlana, Dumeignil Franck, Rossi Liane M., Wojcieszak Robert.
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  • How Catalysts and Experimental Conditions Determine the Selective Hydroconversion of Furfural and 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural.
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  • From sequential chemoenzymatic synthesis to integrated hybrid catalysis: taking the best of both worlds to open up the scope of possibilities for a sustainable future.
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  • 2017

  • Advances in Base-Free Oxidation of Bio-Based Compounds on Supported Gold Catalysts.
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  • Selective hydrogenation of CO 2 into CO on a highly dispersed nickel catalyst obtained by magnetron sputtering deposition: A step towards liquid fuels.
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  • 2016

  • Selective oxidation of glucose to glucuronic acid by cesium-promoted gold nanoparticle catalyst.
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  • 2015

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  • 2014

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  • 2013

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  • 2012

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  • 2010

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